Nike ne jamais manquer une étape importante, et maintenant on dirait qu’ils sont finalement réédite le culte classique Air Max 96 pour son 20e anniversaire. Le 96 a été conçu par Sergio Lozano, qui notamment a créé la Air Max 95 l’année précédente, avec l’inspiration des vagues qui coule de l’océan.

La chaussure Air Max utilise la même unité de base de l’air en tant que 95, à compartiments multiples et grades PSI variés, mais a été légèrement modifié pour fournir un meilleur soutien.

La prochaine rétro semble être à la baisse dans deux des coloris OG – ‘Black / Dark Concord’ et ‘White / Obsidian / Cri verte »- qui tous deux disposent de la ligne caractéristique des panneaux à mailles sur le côté, ainsi que des détails 3M.

Bien que cette version et 120 rétro chaussure Nike femme tôt dans l’année sont loin d’être parfait – les puristes peuvent avoir des problèmes avec la taille des bulles d’air et les subtilités de la semelle intermédiaire et silhouette – nous sommes heureux Nike sont enfin écouter ce que les têtes ont demandé toutes ces années! Espérons qu’ils vont améliorer les détails dans les versions futures.


Lorsque le Inneva Woven gratuit d’abord frappé la scène de retour en 2012, son nylon complexe tissé supérieure jumelé avec un 5.0 semelle libre a été révolutionnaire dans la conception et l’ajustement. Quatre ans plus tard, la silhouette Nike Sportswear continue de rester frais avec les nouvelles versions.

Errant des techniques de colourblocking favorisées coloristes Nike ont utilisé précédemment sur Innevas, la dernière version tisse noir et ‘Sail’ ensemble pour une finition supérieure intéressante qui correspond au panneau de talon en cuir noir et blanc langue cuir.

La semelle Air Max femme est colorée en correspondance Voile blanc cassé avec semelle reflets noirs, et l’ensemble du paquet fini est une offre propre qui loyalistes OG Inneva et nouveaux fans seraient semblables graviter vers.


Back in the mid-90s, a paradigm shift tilted the athletic footwear industry towards tech-heavy, kinetically enhanced design. Over at Nike, that was evident in shoes such as the Nike Air Max Tavas 95, which transitioned the Max franchise into a high-powered visual statement. Three years later, the Air Max Plus – also known on the street as the TN or Tuned 1 – hit the shelves. With spray-faded mesh uppers in striking blue and orange colourways, the TN was no shrinking violet. It didn’t just meekly sit around on the shelf hoping for attention, it was right up in your face from day one.

The trademark Thermoplastic Vinyl Resin (TPVR) exoskeletal mesh upper and sculpted midfoot shanks infused with glitter added glamour, while the heavily detailed sole unit popped eyeballs from beneath. Amalgamated with the shoe’s undeniably aggressive stance, the Tuned Air package ignited a sonic boom vision of the future that rocked melons the world over.

A freak of nature, the TN has also nurtured a handy reputation as the premier bad-boy of the Max line-up. In certain precincts the world over, the TN’s good name is tarnished, tagged as a sneaker worn by people who are either up to no good or about to be. How this ‘prestigious’ rep was earned is a culturally intriguing scenario. To put it plain and simple, plain and simple people are intimidated by the Grey Nike tn, whereas the wild and crazy are magnetically drawn to the wild and crazy.

Holding down the crown as one of the most expensive Nike runners at Foot Locker for well over a decade is another accolade that has certainly added cachet to the TN’s street-level hero status.  And yet… there’s an undeniable and insatiable thirst for the TN that simply refuses to rust out and fade away. From all-leather make-ups to patterns and prints, themed releases, celebratory issues, fluorescent highlights and reflective metallics, count


Nike’s First Power Lacing Shoes

Ever since Back to the Future II, people have wanted shoes with power laces. Well, it’s happened. Nike has finally put power lacing in real shoes. In real life. As in, you’ll actually be able to buy them. And you’ll never have to tie a shoelace again. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will be the first real Nike shoe to implement the adaptive lacing tech and it’s supposed to work just like it did for Marty McFly. Put them on and it magically tightens up around your feet.

Tiffany Beers of Nike explains how the system works:“When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten.”

That sounds about right! The adaptive lacing technology isn’t fully automatic though. As in, it won’t just tighten and loosen on the fly. Along with the heel sensor, you can adjust the power laces through a button on the side of the Nike Thea Beige shoe. This isn’t purely just a gimmick (it’s a lot of gimmick though) because the idea is that the added benefit of these power laces is that the shoe’s laces will give the same sort of consistent scrunching and tightening each time. Bunny ears be gone (though who knows how the power lacing gets charged up).

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is supposed to come out during the holiday season of 2016 in three different colors. No word on price yet but it’s probably safe to assume that you’ll need to start shining up them pennies.

How To Pick The Ideal Wedding Party Dresses

Many brides begin dreaming about the best wedding dress lengthy before they are even engaged. Selecting the ideal wedding party dress is essential since it’s the one day that all eyes will probably be on you. A dress that is stunning with out becoming as well ostentatious and can also be flattering to your figure will ensure that you are searching your very best in your wedding party day. With so several type, coloration and fabric choices obtainable, choosing the perfect wedding party dress can be a tough job but luckily most brides merely know when they have discovered the ideal wedding party dress. Through the minute they put around the dress, their gut instinct tells them that this is the best wedding gown for them.

Another worthwhile piece of advice for finding the ideal wedding party dress is to try on several diverse types of dresses. Although you might be convinced that you want a particular type you may possibly locate that the style that looks so appealing in magazines does not suit your system sort. You may also discover that a model that you’d have never chosen can be flattering for your figure. For this reason it really is crucial to attempt on a vast variety of styles just before ruling out any particular fashion. The old saying, “you will not know unless of course you try it,” holds accurate for wedding party dresses UK. There have already been numerous brides who have discovered that their perfect wedding dress turned out to be substantially various from the 1 that they had pictured in their thoughts.

Even though it may possibly sound counterintuitive, the coloration of the wedding gown is definitely an critical consideration in choosing the best wedding gown. Numerous folks believe that the only acceptable color for any wedding dress is a pure white but if you are open to other choices, you may find yourself within a wedding gown that is far much more flattering to your skin tone than pure white wedding dresses. Wedding party dresses come in a multitude of hues such as ivory, cream as well as subtle beiges. If you’re willing to think about these alternatives it really is essential to try on dresses in these colors to determine how they function together with your complexion.

Choosing the ideal wedding dress sometimes requires reinforcements. Getting a couple of trusted pals or household members arrive gown shopping with you are able to support you find the gown of your dreams. They can provide opinions on every gown that you try on and can also scour the numerous racks of dresses available and select dresses for you personally to try on. Many brides immediately realize that they’ve selected the ideal wedding party dress the moment they put around the dress but having trusted pals and family members along can confirm this feeling. The moment you step from the dressing place and reveal the gown you’re wearing you may see instant confirmation that this is the perfect dress. The reactions of one’s assistants will indicate that you’ve got found the best gown.