Professional Tips of Cleaning Of Old Yellowed Lace Wedding Dresses

I have found while trying to search online for advice on cleaning an old lace wedding gown. I’ve had little luck so far and I can’t find this topic in this forum already.

I’d love to get my mum’s 40 year old lace wedding dress restored so that I can wear it myself next year. It’s survived remarkably well considering it was not professionally stored, in fact I don’t even think it was washed after her wedding day. It was just wrapped in tissue and then in plastic and stored in the attic.

There are no signs of mildew, creatures and insects just a slight yellowing all over, probably due to the tissue paper not being acid free or perhaps simply due to time.

Does anybody here have any experience of having such lace wedding dresses professionally cleaned and restored please? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

All the best!